Creative & UX/UI Design


E-Commerce Rebrand.

Creative. UX/UI Design for Baby Safety Brand.


Rebrand E-Commerce Site for leading baby safety brand. Improve front-to-back customer experience, educate consumers and key influencers, increase traffic for new products across all distribution channels, online, mass retail, specialty while increasing activation, conversion, retention and referrals. Optimize transaction flows.


UX/UI Design Lead, Creative Direction, Visual Brand System, strategy, UI design language, pattern library.

• Led Design, Build, Test and Product Launch.

• Championed UCD product design thinking

• Collaborated closely with product and marketing team, product owner, developers, researcher and C-level stakeholders to drive rebrand  

• Participated in testing, field research, user Interviews, competitive analysis, intensive workshops to gather data insights, both qualitative and quantitative to inform product development.

• Produce UX/UI documentation, wireframes, prototypes, mockup, user flows, and usability metrics

• Led design strategy and supervised development and deployment, analytics.


Consumer-focused Web Strategy:

• Designed a user-centric, responsive design solution for mobile and web that empowers, educates and promotes smart safer sleep products for cross-culturally diverse young families. 

• Optimize user journey from product discovery, selection and transaction purchase flows and complimentary offerings.

• Streamlined user flows to safety tips, benefits and features, installation, Q&A, safety resources and accessibility requirements.

• Streamlined retail partners section.

• Build support channels to encourage user-generated content at all levels of the customer journey via social media.


Double-digit increase in customer activations, conversions by 20%. Improved retention and referrals for both online and retail channel partners. Increase online sales by 10%+.


Primary Users – Compelling Story: 

Event Mom and Dads need a safe sleep solution for baby. Affirmation for mom. pragmatic solution for dad. New and return visitors.

Product Strategy:

Foundation/Value: Simple solution to a specific problem for families, prevents crib entanglement and restricted airflow

• Revolutionary alternative to conventional bumpers

• Breathable mesh crib liner and life-affirming products

Parent Cred. Millions of happy customers worldwide. Affordable. Accessible. Patented. Independently tested. Origins story.

Promise (Emotional Truth):
Parent Empowerment

Empowerment. Positivity. Simplicity. Innovation

Brand Strategy:

• Elevate above benefits and features to an emotional truth that drives the brand, culture, business values and goals

• Driven by vision and purpose

• Define a role in the larger community by empowering, giving, protecting, sharing empowerment stories with User-Generated Content

• Room for product expansion

• Develop and maintain a strong and unique design point of view in breathable category

• Safety over style



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