Video Mockup

Travel App UX/UI

Clean. Modern. Minimal.

Meaningful Movement & Micro-Interactions.
Provide Context for your Audience.
Hero Journeys & User Flows.
Prototype with Purpose.
UI Animation Detail.
Product Features.
Product Launch.

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Problem. Solution.

Travel app UX/UI concept, user flows, Hi-Fi prototype, 3D animation, video.
Focus on improving and enhancing the adventure travel experience of exploring and discovering new places to adventure, near or far.
Easily locate favorite trips, compare and secure, make payments, track trip details, locate food hot spots on trip, connect, recommend and share, manage settings.

Mass appeal, clean modern UI with engaging, snappy micro-interactivity.
Smooth transitions between content sections for seamless user experience.

Easy. Quick. Simple.

Process: research travel apps, UI’s, transaction flows, feature sets vs functionality, competitive analysis.
Design: wireframe, prototype, optimize user flows, test and refine for simple, clean solution.

Menu Flow

Menu Flow

UI Detail

Mobile App UI

User Flows

Mobile App Flow

Wired UI

Prototype with purpose to tell the story.

Smart, high-fidelity Prototypes allow for accurate testing protocols, product refinement,
micro-interaction UI and finalizing user-flows before build out.