Touch Wallet

FinTech App UX/UI

Best Technology App Design

Clean. Modern. Minimal.

Meaningful Micro-Interactions.
Provide Context for Users.
Prototype with Purpose.
UI Animation Detail.
Product Features.
Product Launch.

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Problem. Solution.

FinTech touch wallet app UX/UI Concept, user flows, Hi-Fi interactive prototype.
Focus on improving the online banking experience of spending and
managing money on the phone for financial wellness.


Easily manage bank accounts, credit cards, purchases, shopping, make payments, track spending,
analytics, transfer funds, top-off cards, pay bills & balances, locate bank offices and banking products.

Take advantage of native iOS and Android functionality.
• Clean modern UI with robust features and engaging, snappy micro-interactivity.
• Smooth transitions between content sections for seamless user experience.

Easy. Quick. Simple.

Process: Research digital wallet apps , UI’s, banking products, managing cards and accounts, financial UI’s and spending analytics,
transaction and payment process flows, feature sets vs functionality, competitive analysis.
Design: wireframe and prototype, optimize user flows, refine for clean, elegant, scalable solution with robust features.



Spending Analytics

Spending Analytics

UI Flow

User Flows

Wired Flow

Wired UI

Prototype with purpose to tell the story.

Smart, high-fidelity Prototypes allow for accurate testing protocols, product refinement,
micro-interaction UI finalizing user-flows before build out.