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'71 Mustang Redesign

Asset Creation.
Look Development.
Lighting & Rendering.

Software: MAYA, V-Ray, Keyshot, Substance Painter, Adobe Creative Suite.

Rear Quarter Exploded View

Sky’s latest project, “Legend,” is a step into the complex world of automotive design. But, like his other visions, it features a mash-up of evocative retro design and tasteful changes to the original 1971 Mustang. 

To make the stills, Sky made use of V-ray’s real-time rendering and Keyshot’s HDRI lighting to quickly get through the look-dev phase.

Keyshot Workspace

Where did the initial concept for Legend come from, and how did you flesh it out?

Legend came about through my love for classic muscle cars, especially the ones that are often overlooked. I thought it would be really fun to take the 71’ Mustang and bring some subtle changes that slim down the body and bring a clean, more aggressive approach to it. I love the idea of taking a 1970’s design and improving upon it while still respecting what made it unique.  
This exploration was also a great way for me to get more familiar with the entire process of look-development and the challenges it entails. I had a lot of research and reference imagery used to make sure I was accurate. I do my best to pay close attention to all surface imperfections and how light reacts to really bring the model to life. 
What inspired its look and feel?
I’ve taken my favorite parts of the previous mustangs that are so well known, and used that as inspiration for how to improve the bigger, heavier 71’ vehicle. Specifically the 69’ fastback’s sloped roofline, the 68’s iconic tribar light signature and the shark-like front end. I also studied a lot of aerospace and flight to inspire the rich, gunmetal silver paint. It shows off the form of the design really well. 
What was the biggest challenge on the project, and how did you overcome it?
The biggest challenge was staying patient with the problem solving aspects of making everything work. There are a lot places where things can go wrong so learning to overcome it is important. Managing expectations and pushing myself forward is the best way to produce incredible results.