Confusion is the enemy, it can ruin your brand promise, so make sure your story is clear and consistent with your brand image and promise. Clarity is King.

In an always-on world, customer experience is your brand. Great products, services and creative marketing are not enough to succeed. The future of your organization is experiential. Now is the time to cultivate meaningful experiences that are designed for people.

Cut through the clutter and free yourself from the noise and hype to get to real solutions, but first, you must get absolute clarity. Once you get brand clarity, you are ready to define and design your user’s brand experience, and what that authentic experience should be. The best experiences in life are not rigid, but fluid, and invite people to experience flow by merging their story into yours.

To “brand” in the most positive way, you must be able to visualize your future direction.

Start with your

BRAND VISION comprises three key components:

Brand Values:
What do your stand for? It must be simple, clear, and easy to remember.

Brand Future
Make the future happen. What is your brand’s future?
How do I create a holistic, long-term view, that is adaptable, flexible, and organic?
How do we shape our future to manifest our brand’s full potential?

Brand Purpose

Think big. Purpose-driven companies and organizations are successful companies. They stand for something greater than just selling products and services and focus on changing lives in simple, but meaningful ways. They have empathy for their audience and understand their deeper needs to make it more relatable.

What is branding really? 

Branding is actually the action of creating the direction and strategy. 
A great strategy will trigger a planned positive emotional response in a specific audience. That response has been planned and designed by founders with a single vision.  

What makes a great brand?

A great brand has a clear focus, 
knows it target audience,
has a defined purpose,
knows their competition and USP,
can identify their key values,
tells a unique story, 
and expresses their brand identity to reflects these goals with consistency.

Rebrand vs. Refresh

Rebranding is totally putting a new face on your brand.

What if you’ve already established a presence, but do not feel that your brand has gotten traction, or if you feel that it’s time for a refresh because your worlds aren’t congruent, or maybe your logo or slogan doesn’t marry well with your true story of what you are trying to tell. 

If you already have a strong brand name, or your brand promise is strong, but the personality or identity doesn’t really match, then you can refresh your brand. You can put on a fresh coat of paint, but still keep the story intact. Just be sure your team gets total buy-in, so everyone is on the same page. 

Where does my marketing strategy come in?

Your brand marketing strategy takes all of these strong brand components, your Brand Purpose, Position, Promise, Personality and Expression, (which are aligned with your house vision) and makes them all work together in unity to achieve your goals. And don’t forget to benchmark along the way, to determine how successful your brand is and make needed adjustments. 

Again, your brand strategy is firm, but totally flexible to grow and flow with your organization and the audience you are trying to reach. Their journey is your journey. Their story is your story. It’s not about you. It’s about us. Stronger together.


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