Sky Waters

Sky Waters


Film & TV Student. Digital Media Artist.

Sky Waters is both creative and smart, graduating in the top ten of his high school senior class. A potent combination of curiosity and boundless creative drive embodied in a humble, but restless spirit ready to take flight. Sky may seem young at 19, but his list of accomplishments are impressive. Beginning at age five, he’s become adept at all major forms of creative media and is now learning film production. His creativity has no signs of slowing down.

Sky Waters has a deep hunger for learning new forms of creative expression, from writing and creating short films to digital and traditional media.

“I love the creative process from start to finish. My goal is to capture engaging stories that have a universal connection with my audience.”

Sky is extremely self-motivated to solve any problem that presents itself along the creative journey.

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"I want to inspire people with my art,
make them smile."

– Sky Waters, 5 years old

Mentored by his dad since he was five, Sky’s ever-growing list of accomplishments became a clear indicator of his God-given abilities and eye for detail. Overcoming an eye imbalance at birth that distorted his vision, his parents used drawing from nature and things around him to help strengthen his depth perception, connecting his awareness to the world. He took to it like water.

At eight years old, he was recognized by Kevin Costner for his first watercolor painting, a difficult medium for even accomplished artists to master – called, Tatanka: Story of the Bison on permanent display in Deadwood SD. 

He’s been featured in social media, newspaper and television – Life to the Max TV “Painting with Sky”, honored by Delta Airlines at their corporate hangars, presented ribbons by state Senators on the Minnesota State Capitol Chamber floor, traveled to Washington DC, United States House of Representatives to meet with U.S. Senators, Congressmen and wildlife dignitaries for winning grand prize in the Endangered Species Day Youth Art national competition. His work, entitled “Firestorm Approaching” was selected from thousands of entries while competing against high school students as only a fifth grader.

Sky’s work has been published and traveled to Switzerland numerous times to compete at an International level for the International Aviation Art Contest. 

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When electronic pop recording artist Adam Young (a.k.a. Owl City) posted Sky’s “Silent Flight’ painting on his Facebook, writing “I LOVE THIS!” it instantly received over 4,400 likes from Owl City fans around the world.

2012 National Grand Prize Winner for the Endangered Species Day Coalition Art Contest, sponsored by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services, Association of Zoos & Aquariums. 2015, 2017 Semi-finalist.

International Aviation Art Contest first place winner (fives times) at state and national, and placing second or third at the international level. 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, grades 5 through 11. Sky Waters has won and placed more times than any other student in Minnesota and U.S. history.

• 2018 Commissioned Art – U.S. Air Force.

Created an original airbrush art honoring the brave U2 pilots hanging on permanent display in Beale Air Base, California.

2019 Minnesota Scholastic Art Award Winner (MSAA/Alliance for young artists and writers). 3 Gold Keys, 1 Silver, I Honorable Mention.

• Graduated in the Top 10 of his Class at Eastview Senior High, ranked #3 in Minnesota High Schools and nationally by U.S. News.

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"I LOVE THIS!" – Owl City

"I LOVE THIS!" – Owl City

11 year old Sky Waters’ “Silent Flight” – I LOVE THIS!…
Fifth Grader Wins National Art Contest

Fifth Grader Wins National Art Contest

Life to the MAX TV "Painting with Sky"​

Life to the MAX TV "Painting with Sky"​

Life to the MAX TV “PAINTING WITH SKY” Life to the…